New SEO Strategy: Grab Expired Domains With High PR

When a website with a high Google PageRank score links to your website, some of that PageRank score gets passed on to your site. This can be very beneficial to help your website gain “authority” and trust in Google’s eyes, and therefore increase your ranking within the search engine results.

This successful strategy is guaranteed to earn your website a high PageRank.

How to get quality backlinks from websites with high PageRank?

Google pagerank

Many folks in SEO circles struggle with this problem every day and it’s only getting more and more difficult as time goes on.

Well, do I ever have the strategy for you! Ready?

It’s so simple you’ll kick yourself for not thinking of it before. I’m not going to waffle on too much, so you can jump right in and get to work.

This strategy is time-critical. Delaying only leads to missed opportunities, so take action while reading through this guide.

Firstly, you’ll need a GoDaddy account where you can register for domains that are about to expire.

Stage #1. Find Expiring or Expired Domains

For whatever reason, some domain owners either forget to renew their domain name, or their business goes bust, or they simply don’t care anymore.

When those domains fall out of the redemption period (the time when the original owner can still renew), the domains are released for public registration and anyone can grab them.

It does not matter who originally owned the domain, or what it was used for. Once a domain has expired, you can re-register it for yourself without any concern about legal ramifications.

It’s their bad luck if they want it back. Perhaps you could even sell it back to them for a little profit.

Go to

First you will see a list of random junk domains, so you’ll need to filter this list for good domains.

expired domains

Click on “show filter”, and you’ll see these options:

expiring domains

Be sure to select “only with DMOZ entry”. Why? Because the DMOZ directory is a human curated list of websites that is a highly trusted source for Google. It is very difficult to get your website listed in DMOZ, so finding domains that are already listed is a HUGE bonus.

Apply the filter and sort the columns by PR (PageRank) or Alexa (3 month traffic average).

SEO Note

You’ve probably got a website in mind that you want to use to earn some money, either by selling your own products or earn through an affiliate program or make money with AdSense. Let’s call this your “money site”.

You want to get as much traffic to your “money site” as possible and that means you want to get great backlinks to it. You could use software like Backlink Beast to automate your backlink building efforts to boost your new domain’s reach.

On the wide expanse of the Internet, there are so many different domain ‘names’ that it doesn’t really matter which ones link to you.

What I mean is that the domain address doesn’t matter, whether it’s or

With this in mind, it doesn’t matter what the expiring domain name’s URL is. All you need to care about are the number of backlinks the expiring domain already has, how much traffic it was receiving prior to expiring and it’s PageRank.

Stage #2. Backorder The Domains


If you don’t have a GoDaddy account, create an account first (you’ll find the link at the top of their page).

Now, from the list we’ve generated from, you’ll want to choose a few of these domains to put on backorder. What does that mean exactly?

GoDaddy offer this service where they are constantly pinging the domain registry and waiting for the very moment a domain is released back for public registration. Not many other providers can do this, because there are over 19 million domains expiring at any point in time. That’s huge!

So, what you can do is ask GoDaddy (through a “domain backorder“), to watch the registry for you and when the domain is available, grab it. Grab it QUICK.

Guess what? This is EXACTLY how I registered Someone already owned it, but I put it on backorder with GoDaddy. When I got it, I was ecstatic. :)

Anyway, login to GoDaddy.

To get to the backordering section, click this link again, or you can find backordering through the menu:

All Products >> Domains >> Domain Backordering (under Advanced Domains).

domain backorder Scroll down a bit to see the green box with pricing.

You can enter the quantity to equal the number of domains from your list you want to try grab.

Go through the ordering process and come back here to read on.

Stage #3. What To Do With High PR Domains

Alright, so you’re pumped to get some high PR domains in your possession. Now it’s just a waiting game. You may have to wait only a few hours or it might take a few days or even weeks. It depends on the exact date the domain expires and whether GoDaddy successfully grabs it for you.

If GoDaddy doesn’t get one of your desired domains, you get a credit so that you try grab another one. You don’t lose anything.

So, now here’s the fun part. Please excuse my crude photoshop diagram.

high pr network

What we’re setting up is our own private high PageRank network of blogs that we are in full control over. You’ll only need a handful of these domains to pass on high PR to your money site.

On each domain, setup a new WordPress website (or whatever is easiest for you).

If you don’t have web hosting, have a look at Blue Host‘s packages.

GoDaddy also has WordPress hosting if you want to keep everything under one roof.

I recommend choosing a good looking template and do not fill the website with Ads. The purpose of the domains you’ve just picked up are not to make money directly, but rather their purpose is to pass on link juice (pagerank) using your target keywords to your money site.

I also recommend setting up these website to look entirely independent and separate from your money site. Don’t use the same template and don’t use the same AdSense or Analytics account as your money site. Yes, really. I think it’s good to be cautious and not “tell” google the sites are intimately associated.

If you’re not sure what your money site should be, I recommend reading my article How To Make Money Online With Google AdSense

Stage #4. Article Writing and Target Keywords

Each of your new websites should have a series of articles relating to the topic of your money site.

Don’t duplicate content between sites. Don’t use the same content as your money site. You should spend some time creating unique content for each of your newly acquired domains.

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Within the contents of each new site, you can link back to your money site using your target keywords.


It is very important that the anchor text you use within the links going back to your money site look “natural” to Google, and not spammy.

The general rule is to spread the type of link text such as:

  • 25% target keyword phrase
  • 15% similar but different target keyword phrase
  • 30% URL, eg “”
  • 30% “click here” or “see more” or other generic links

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Strategic Conclusion

With this strategy, you can build your own highly targeted, high PageRank network of blogs that are already indexed in Google, have been receiving traffic previously, and have established backlinks.

Very quickly, your money site will start ranking for your target keyword (depending on competition of course) and you can experiment with your new network by changing anchor text to rank for different keywords, increase the PageRank for your money site and – the ultimate goal – get more traffic and more revenue.

For more backlinking strategies, read 10 Easy Ways How To Get Backlinks To Your Website

Disclaimer: Links to 3rd party sites included within this article denoted with /go/ in the URL may result in commission being earned if you decide to make a purchase.

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