Have all the great invention ideas already been taken? Not much has changed since I was a young boy wishing to be an inventor. The spirit of invention lies deep within the hearts and minds of all entrepreneurs.

One of the greatest innovations in recent memory was the introduction of the iPhone which went on to spur all smartphone makers into a touchscreen frenzy.

But was Apple the first company to introduce a touchscreen phone? Were they the first to introduce a hand-held MP3 player? Nope. Were they the first to introduce anything? Well, I’m not so sure.

But that’s the thing… all the great invention ideas have already been taken.

"Picasso had a saying. ‘Good artists copy, great artists steal.’ We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas."Steve Jobs

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From Picasso to Steve Jobs, the advice to entrepreneurs is that there is no need to re-invent the wheel; just tweak it and add something a little different.

Let’s take a look at the reinvention of old products.

Actual Invention Ideas

invention ideas

What a great way to start by showing a product that re-invented the wheel! Well, technically the wheel has just been modified to remove the spokes.

great ideas

Forgot your bike lock at home? Not a problem! Just twist your entire bike around the pole.


If you’re low on vertical poles and don’t have the twisty bike, fling your bike up onto this parking wheel.


Let’s finish off the reinvention of the wheel with this bike backpack. If you can’t find a giant parking wheel, this might be handy. I never knew foldable bicycles were so in fashion.

invention ideas

Speaking of fashion and backpacks, why not marry the two and produce a baby. Such a simple idea, yet effective for those who are hoodie inclined.

great invention ideas

We can’t talk about fashion and invention ideas in the same article without showing a fashion faux pas. If you think it’s rude to check your phone or tablet at the dinner table, how about constantly staring down at your pants?


If your pants -er – phone has run out of battery, there is a solution. Use these rechargeable batteries to give your phone a little more juice until you get home.


While you’re staring at your wonderful new pair of jeans, you might have missed the waiter showing off his new invention ideas – multi-glass-holder. Tasty AND efficient!


You’re on your way back home from the restaurant (I presume on your foldable bike and wearing your creepy jeans and hoodie backpack), stopped at the traffic signals wondering how much longer you need to sit there. Take your eyes off your pants and look up, doofus.


If it’s late at night and you can’t see what you’re doing (or you sampled each item from the multi-glass-holder), this funky keyhole should help you get in the door quicker.


Let’s hope your front door is not like this. It’s a great idea though, for you space saving, table tennis loving sporty-types.


You’re back home now and head into the bathroom. It’s a good thing you’re eco-conscious because no-one likes wasting water.


Getting a precisely measured cup of water can be trickier than you think. Now you have no excuse for messing up your favorite recipe.


Don’t have a permanent spot in the kitchen for your drinks? Not to worry. You can hang your drink over the bench, instead of putting it ON the bench.


Do your ear buds constantly get in a tangle, especially when they’re just sitting in a drawer? These zipper ear buds are the answer. This is a great example of marrying two separate products into one for practical effect.

"Necessity… the mother of invention."Plato

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What two products would you like to see married together to form a new product?