Quotes from Famous People

Throughout history, many well-known characters have spoken or written phrases that have become famous. Expressions that by their exceptional content have passed from mouth to mouth, as they generally offer precious knowledge in a few words.

These phrases are often wise phrases and in other cases motivating phrases. They have their genesis in historical moments or reflections worthy of the best thinkers.

The best famous phrases

In the following lines, we have prepared a compilation of the most famous slogans in human history. They're next.

  1. You don't have to go back or give yourself a boost (Lao Tsé)

A motivating phrase that always advises following our path in spite of adversities.

  1. There are no paths to peace; peace is the way (Mahatma Gandhi)

Gandhi left us for history this precious phrase about friendship.

  1. Make love not war (John Lennon)

Singer John Lennon always had a peacemaking mentality.

  1. To work is enough to be convinced of one thing: that working is less annoying than having fun (Charles Baudelaire)

Work, even though it always feels like it, is good for our mental health.

  1. The worst thing the bad guys do is force us to doubt the good guys (Jacinto Benavente)

It's always better to be honest even if sometimes we can believe otherwise.

  1. Wars will continue as long as the color of the skin remains more important than the color of the eyes. (Bob Marley)

Racism and prejudice have been the cause of many wars.

  1. Learn to live, and you will die well (Confucius))

Life must be enjoyed at every moment and not be dead in life.

  1. Every day we know more and understand less (Albert Einstein)

No matter that more and more knowledge if we do not know to apply.

  1. The world is not endangered by bad people but by those who allow evil (Albert Einstein)

There will always be bad people, but we can't let them succeed.

  1. The measure of love is to love without measure (St. Augustine)

A romantic phrase that means we must love with everything.

  1. There's nothing a man won't be able to do when a woman looks at him (Casanova)

A man's love for a woman is capable of moving the world.

  1. Setting an example is not the primary way to influence others; it is the only way. (Albert Einstein)

When it comes to education, we must be consistent with what we intend to teach.

  1. Money can't buy Life-Bob Marley)

As much as we believe it, money neither gives happiness nor makes us immortal.

  1. If it is good to live, it is still better to dream, and best of all, to wake up (Antonio Machado)

A poetic Fras about living what makes us happy.

  1. The most significant declaration of love is not made; the man who feels much, speaks little (Plato)

Plato's reflection on Love.

  1. If you give fish to a hungry man, you feed him for a day. If you teach him to fish, you will nourish him all his life (Lao Tsé)

Without a doubt, excellent teaching for life.

  1. Worth more act by exposing himself to repent of it, repent of not having done anything (Giovanni Boccaccio)

The only thing we can regret is that we didn't do something we wanted to do.

  1. No man is good enough to rule others without his consent. (Abraham Lincoln)

About the importance of democracy.

  1. Everything you eat needlessly is stolen from the stomach of the poor (Mahatma Gandhi)

This famous character always had in mind to improve the world.

  1. Living alone is like being at a party where nobody is you. (Marilyn Monroe)

A famous phrase of Marilyn Monroe with a touch of irony.


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