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Leaving aside the games, systems, experience, approach, and racing, who doesn't like video games of assuming? Below we bring you a choice of Android propositions that will undoubtedly help you exercise your mind as well as test your capability to solve puzzles of all kinds.

Whether you're on the train or lying on the couch, any one of these 13 reasoning games will offer you an enjoyable time as well as taking care, because several of them are a genuine challenge as well as they can get a great deal hooked. Patience as well as to continue to improve only demands to complete conquering the different examinations.

Although games with a graphic power comparable to consoles can be found in iOS, titles based on riddles, puzzles, and puzzles, which are usually more discrete in terms of visual, have not gone out of style. They are generally at the top of the Downloads in the App Store.

Why? Because they're addictive, we can play them everywhere, we don't need additional controls to improve the experience, and they're always there to distract us for a few minutes or even hours.

In this article, I would like to recommend 3 of the best titles available for iOS based on skill and ingenuity, but which are quite simple to play you will never have a moment of boredom!

  1. Threes!

We started with a classic. And is that Threes! Not only is it one of the most popular ingenuity-based games in the App Store, but it also marked time and several similar applications that wanted to look alike.

The game is quite simple. The idea is to create as many similar numbers from merging blocks of 1 and 2. The bigger the numbers we can put together; the more points we get. The challenge is that we will have, from the beginning, to establish a strategy of movements, and to know when to push the numbers sideways so that they can come together, but without losing other opportunities of Fusion or wasting space.

If you have not tested what you expect! You'll realize you don't want to leave him for anything.

  1. Dots & Co.

It is the sequel to one of the most popular App Store games: Dots. And in this new version, we will not only find more riddles and challenges, but we will also be accompanied by characters who are willing to help us solve them and pass the level.

It is a very addictive and simple game, in which we will have to connect similar color points and make combinations, strategies that lead us to gather more of them, and thus win points and compete against our friends.

  1. Blackbox

If there's a game whose controls are as creative as what we'll have to be to solve your riddles, this is it. And is that Blackbox, unlike the previous, does not need to touch the iPhone screen to address the challenges presented to us.

On the contrary, it is about using the other functions of our phone, such as gyroscope, speakers, microphone, GPS and even camera flash. How you use these features and how you can use them will depend on your wit. There are many ways to solve the same challenge, and you will feel a genius once you answer the most demanding. It'll be quite an adventure.


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