The first thing most people do when deciding on a product purchase is to go online. We want to know about various models, pricing and features. But how do we really know which one is best when there are so many options?

As a business owner, it’s easy to put yourself in the customer’s shoes because we are all customers ourselves. Potential customer want to know what other customers think about your business or product and that’s why testimonials work so well.

Potentially even more valuable than hand picked testimonials are customer product reviews written by real people who have used the product. Here are 26 reasons why your online store should allow customer product reviews to increase sales.

1. Reviews are great for product development and researching

When somebody writes a good review of your product, it’s an opportunity to promote it further and make it more widely available, since you are obviously onto a good thing.

2. Reviews impact your SEO

Google is more likely to feature your product page in it’s search results if updated content is added to your product page. Use Rich Snippets as star ratings that feature in Google’s search results.

3. Increase your search ranking

Google places a lot of value on the opinions of real people on your website, more than what you say about your product. When multiple reviews are placed on your product page, Google will rank your website higher because more reviews indicates higher social impact.

4. Introduce other products

A good review can sell other products. Reviews allow the opportunity for your customers to say what other products they purchased or would complement this product.

5. Reduce product returns

When customers read reviews they can determine the exact product that they wish to buy. This reduces the number of returns you need to process, giving your staff more time to focus on making money instead of refunding it.Trolls


6. Resolve small issues before they become big

A review gives you the opportunity to identify any issues that you may have overlooked. You are able to respond to customers and resolve any issues before your product reviews get trolled.

7. Promote your customer service

Reviews are a great way of promoting your customer service. It allows the customer to give honest feedback about their experience purchasing the product or service. If it is a good review, great. If it is negative, it gives you the opportunity to make improvements.

8. Receive instant feedback

You will be able to gain significant insights into what your customers are feeling about your products. This gives you the chance to tweak the product or product description to further meet the needs of your customers.

9. Promote products by word of mouth

Customers are very keen to share their feelings and ideas about products and services they have encountered. A review allows sharing between friends, family and colleagues about your products, increasing your brand name presence.

10. Keep an eye on how your staff are performing

It will be easy to see positive comments that are being made about specific employees, allowing you to reward them. Conversely, you will also be able to see non-performing staff and provide further training where appropriate.

11. Listen to your customers

Customers appreciate being listened to. They will feel that you care about what they think and expect from you. Customers are more willing to purchase from a business that listens to them, than one that does not.customer product reviews


12. Make negative customers happy

A negative review on your website allows you the chance to fix the problem immediately, as well as a chance to make the customer happy. Don’t delete the review. You are able to show them that you care about their feedback making it more likely they will deal with you again in the future.

13. Social influence

Friends influence each other. When you connect your review page to the Facebook accounts of your reviewers, you allow their friends to see what they have posted. It’s called keeping up with the Jones’.

14. It’s easy and free

Setting up a review page on your website does not require much time, nor will it cost anything if you do it yourself. Then you have a simple platform to receive communication from your customers.

15. Mixed reviews make you seem real

Having negative reviews is not something to stop you setting up a review page. In fact, by having negative reviews you are more likely to seem honest and creates a balance on the review page. No product is 100% perfect all of the time.

16. You can change how customers think of your business

Thank customers for their comments and if any are negative, you can explain the procedures you are putting in place to avoid that situation happening again. People can then write nice things about how you listened to them and fixed the problem.

product reviews

17. Build trust

Having a review page allows your customers to build trust in your products. Customers trust reviews written by other customers.

18. Easy promotion

Instead of having to promote products yourself, allow your customers to promote them for you. It looks great to consumers and it saves you time and money.

19. Change product descriptions

A review can let you know when your product description needs tweaking. You might sell a red shirt on your site, but the photo looks more orange to the customer. A reviewer may point it out so you can edit the photo.

20. Adding to your descriptions

Reviewers can provide more detailed information in layman’s terms, such as explaining your sizing further. They may say your medium is more of a small medium, which can help other customers choosing your products.

21. Help with keyword identification

Customers will use words in their reviews similar to the words they use in search engines. When you know what keywords they are using to search with, you can adapt your SEO accordingly.

22. Help your manufacturers out

Your product manufacturers are able to read reviews about products they supply to you. They can focus directly on what the customers are saying without having to hear it second hand and adapt their product accordingly.

23. Show belief in your product

If you are selling something, you should have trust and belief in what you are selling. So prove this by allowing customers to review products and showing you have nothing to hide.counting money


24. Customers spend more

After reading a review by their friends, family and colleagues, customers are more likely to spend more money buying your products. Especially if reviews suggest they buy a more expensive model that will do the job more effectively.

25. Reviews are searched for

Customers want reviews and they also want products. They will often enter the product name and the word ‘review’ together on a search engine. If you don’t have reviews on your site, you are potentially missing out on customers.

26. Engaged customers stay customers

A customer who has liked your product wants to tell people about it. You engage your customers by allowing them to add their personal opinions and they are more than likely to come back, purchase more products and write more reviews.

Do you have customer product reviews on your online store?

Allow the good and bad reviews on your website. Show your customers that you are a trustworthy and honest business. Customers appreciate when you care about their opinions and allow them to express themselves in a public manner. In the end, reviews help to increase sales and what business would not want that?

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