You don’t have to be a celebrity to get paid to tweet but you do need to get more twitter followers. At least one thousand. But don’t be discouraged because there are various methods to increase twitter followers in order to get paid to tweet.

If you already have a thousand twitter followers or more, you can start selling your own promoted tweets. I will get to that soon, but let’s first cover some ground for people who still need to gain twitter followers.

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Read this first before attempting to get paid to tweet.

Fake Followers

Having millions of twitter followers puts you in the lofty position of selling sponsored tweets for 5 or 6 figures a pop. Now, that’s good money.

But some of the most popular Twitter celebrities have FAKE followers. *gasp* Fake – as in, like, not real. Like, profiles created by programs, not people! Guess who has the most fake followers? Sorry, Beliebers.


While I don’t want to pick on Justin Bieber fans, he’s not the only one with fake followers. You can check any Twitter account for fake followers here.

Actually, normal legitimate twitter users can gain some fake followers. They’re just profiles that were created by “bots” that follow random people. In fact, I checked @inscribd and we have 1% fake followers and 9% inactive (people who don’t login to twitter very often). Interesting…

Why am I talking about fake followers?

The reason is because we can make the assumption that an advertiser would pay $x for #Y followers. Sure, a smart advertiser could check the number of “real” followers and price their advertising accordingly, but some wouldn’t.

I do not advocate gaining fake followers just to get paid more for tweets. That’s a sure-fire way of advertisers suing you, your Twitter account getting shut down, or both.

How Celebrities Get Paid To Tweet

Celebrities usually go through agencies that act as brokers to organize advertisers and bill them for Twitter endorsements. Often, celebrities don’t actually tweet themselves – their tweets are carefully constructed by their marketing PR agency. *gasp* (one more shocker and I may faint)

To give you an idea of the money involved, CampusLIVE reportedly paid Lindsay Lohan (2.6 million fans at the time) about $3,500 for one tweet. Khloe Kardashian (8+ million fans) asks about $13,000 per tweet. *gasp* (I’m getting woozy)

Get Paid To Tweet

A lot of these big name celebrities go through SponsoredTweets, but you don’t have to be a big celebrity to get paid to tweet.

You can start off by offering as little as $0.50 per tweet to advertisers, depending on the number of followers you have. You will be matched to an appropriate advertiser based on the ‘tags’ you enter into the system, such as ‘blogging’, ‘business’, ‘technology’, etc.

You can browse a list of advertisers (as seen in the screenshot above) where the CPC (cost-per-click) ranges from 2 cents up to a few dollars, depending on the advertiser. That’s the amount of money you can earn when a follower clicks on your tweeted link. You can also get paid a fixed amount for each time a tweet is viewed.

When you expand to see the offer, you can view the destination website to make sure it fits well with your audience.

Be sure to accept advertising opportunities that fit within your audience, otherwise you may lose followers for tweeting irrelevant advertising.

You can compose your own tweet text to make sure it’s written in your own voice and style. Try not to make it sound too much like an ad. Instead, pose it as a recommendation to your followers.

So, there you have it. It’s quite simple to get paid to tweet once you get more twitter followers. Now that you have the knowledge, visit SponsoredTweets and earn some coin.