How To Get 300 Twitter Followers In Just One Day

Here’s a couple of comments from folks who grabbed a copy of Get 300 Twitter Followers In Just One Day.


Instead of just blurting out the answer to getting 300 followers, I appreciate how you laid the groundwork by explaining the how and why. You’ve really gone above and beyond what I expected from this eBook. Keep up the good work.

– Geoffrey Hamth


I took action on the advice you gave in the Twitter eBook and I’m happy to report that I did in fact reach 300 new followers in just HALF a day!

– Pat Beauman

So, do you want to know how to get over 300 Twitter followers in merely 24 hours? It’s much easier than you may think and you don’t have to pay a cent. In fact, get enough Twitter followers and you can get paid to tweet!

Research from Compete, a digital intelligence company, shows that Twitter followers are over 60% more likely to visit your website and over 50% more likely to make a purchase and recommend your company.

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Twitter Leads The Pack For Most Social Referrals

Of all the social networks, Twitter is the leader in traffic referrals to the website.

Twitter has matured into a valuable network of like-minded people that not only create and consume information, but also share it.

Whenever we add new articles to, inevitably is it Twitter that propels our content forward to be seen by more people than does Facebook, Tumblr, Google Plus or any other social network we share our content with.

Twitter eBook

It’s with this insight I can bring you this eBook to help you make Twitter work for your business. I delve into how you can take 140-character tweets to reach new customers and increase traffic to your website.

I also give you some handy tips to create content that your new followers would gladly share for you. This helps you get new followers organically, who in turn share your content with their own followers. This cycle can lead to your content going viral, spreading far and spreading rapidly.

I show you how to find targeted twitter followers to ensure you are talking to the right audience.

This eBook is 18 pages of well-organized and professionally formatted material.

Twitter eBook The table of contents is:

  • Foreword
  • Get Your Twitter Profile Looking Professional
  • Twitter Follower Count Affects Search Results
  • Getting Your House In Order
  • Content That Encourages Sharing On Twitter
  • Check Out The Competition
  • How To Get 300 Twitter Followers In One Day
  • One Last Thing

While some methods will nab you 100 free twitter followers and others 500 twitter followers, this eBook sets realistic expectations and achievable goals so that you don’t receive random followers or people outside of your target audience. I show you how to get quality Twitter followers who will gladly retweet your content.

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