6 Incredible Options For Your First Blog Post To Excite Readers

When new bloggers first start out, there’s a natural tendency to write a quick test post as the very first blog post. While there’s nothing wrong with that, definitely don’t leave it up online for the world to see. Which begs the question… what should your very first blog post actually be?

Of all the things your first blog post *could* be, don’t waste the opportunity. All new blogs need any advantage they can so providing the right content from the start is important for gaining reader loyalty.

Your first blog post should answer the reader’s question “Why am I here and what’s in it for me?”

1. Introduce Yourself Briefly

Every new website needs an introduction, but most new readers won’t care to read about your life story if they’ve never heard about you before. Harsh, I know. Keep it brief – very brief.

The most important thing to do is tell readers what your brand is about.

If you have a personal blog, mention 2 or 3 highlights of your life that others would find interesting, whether that’s personal or professional in nature.

For magazine-style blogs like Inscribd, give a “7 second pitch” what your brand stand for and what it can help readers achieve.

Picture yourself at a dinner party with some friends and acquaintances. They ask you what you are working on at the moment. You have 7 seconds to excite those listening into visiting your blog.

If you can’t pitch your blog in 7 seconds or less, you need to refine your topic or focus on the most important themes.

This can help you figure out the tagline of your blog – a very brief description in just a few words.

2. Video Post

What better way to get people excited about your new website than by showing people how excited you are through video ?

Readers who can see an authors face and speaking style can develop a real human connection that will lead to reader loyalty and keep them coming back.

Give your “7 second pitch”, introduce yourself as a real breathing human being, and encourage readers to subscribe to your newsletter.

3. Step-by-Step Guide

Do you know something that not many other people know? Do you have knowledge to share that is incredibly valuable?

Why wait until post #2 or #3 to offer your expertise and guidance to readers. Launch right into it and make your first post incredibly valuable and share-worthy.

Step-by-step guides offer tremendous value and you will be rewarded for your efforts. Make the post truly awesome.

4. Expert Q & A

Interview an expert in the field. In fact, why not interview one of your fellow bloggers who are already established. They will not only give you valuable insight into the world of blogging, but will be able to answer key questions that would interest your readers.

Determine the most important questions that your readers want answered and try email several experts in your field.

Remember though, even the nicest people can be time-poor, so you’d like get a better response to 3 or 4 questions rather than 20. Keep your questions brief, focused and on-topic.

Not only will you be providing value to your readers, you will also be making potential strategic connections with influential people in your niche.

5. Case Study

Provide in-depth analysis about an aspect of your niche. This could be a business, product or person. Be thorough and get to the bottom of the problems and solutions available.

Case studies are also share-worthy and generate natural links from other websites. Providing unique analysis that others would find interesting can go a long way to establishing your credibility in the field.

Bonus Idea: Turn your case study into a ‘how to’ guide and offer it as a free eBook for reader to download.

6. All Of The Above

The above 5 ideas are all separate and unique unto themselves, but I started writing this post with the idea of suggesting to do ALL of the first 5 ideas together as one huge, valuable, share-worthy, incredible first post that will firmly put you on the map!

Sounds too extreme? Extreme is good! Extreme is unique. Uniqueness is remarkable and remarkable posts get shared, commented on and linked to.

As a first blog post, putting together all of the above ideas into one single page could be the initial push to make you and your blog the authority figure in your niche and keep readers coming back for more.

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