Do New Bloggers Need A Small Dose Of Reality?

If you’re here to read some quick and easy steps to getting visitors to your blog, I’m sorry to disappoint and I must bring you back to reality. There is no quick and easy solution. The likelihood of your blog posts going viral is close to zero. The probability your blog will be viewed by thousands of people in your first month online is also quite small.

These are realities all bloggers must face and it takes a strong person to stand tall and say “That’s fine. I’m in this for the long haul!”

I’m not intentionally trying to be negative, but believe me, these realities come from hard personal experience in the world of blogging

Commit To A Timeframe Before Building A Blog

Most people started a blog and think “I’ll give this a shot and see how it goes” without qualifying the length of time they’re willing to “giving it a shot”.

Will you dedicate one month or 12 months before giving it up?

Promise yourself that you will not give up before number of months.

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Why do I say months and not years? Because most bloggers don’t last a year. There I go again being negative, but I have evidence to go by.

In my day job as a web host, I see new websites popping up every day on my servers with bloggers who are bright-eyed and hopeful of a prosperous future online.

I tend to know when someone is committed to their blog. They pay for a full year of web hosting upfront and purchase a domain name

These bloggers have put their money where their mouth is and committed to 12 months of blogging. Frequently, those customers will renew their hosting again after the first year.

Compare this to a customer who’s paying for web hosting on a monthly basis. They tend to disappear before the year is out. The key difference here is the mindset of the customer – their initial commitment to seeing it through.

Give your blog enough time to grow and mature.

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What Is Enough Time For My Blog To Mature

The amount of time you’ll need to commit to your blog largely depends on the quantity of *quality* content you will produce on a weekly basis.

I have emphasized *quality* because it’s not just a matter of writing a quick 100 word post that has no value to your readers.

Another commitment you must make is this:

Promise yourself to write quality content consisting of at least number of words times per week.

The minimum number of words should be 300, but you may be happier committing to 800 words per post.

The minimum number of posts per week should be 1. Although, in reality, how much of a commitment is merely 1 post per week? Try commit to writing anywhere from 3 upwards.

If you fail to post consistently with quality content, your blog will fail to gain traction. Ah, I’m being negative again! I do apologize. But I have my reasons…

My point about posting quality content on a timely schedule comes down to giving the search engines (ie, Google) enough time to boost your blog post’s ranking, and thereby bring in more visitors. More content means more chances to be indexed in Google, where quality content gets higher rankings.

You see, although it’s not enough just committing to writing quality content, you also need to commit enough time for that content to be digested by Google and for your blog to become more trustworthy in Google’s eyes.

Blog Traffic Is the Killer Or Savior Of Your Blog

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Why do people give up their blog? Inevitably, it’s because no-one is reading it. All that hard work for what? 10 visitors a day!? Ouch.

You can see that there is a fair amount of commitment required and work involved in crafting your blog *before* you will even see significant traffic (visitors) to your blog.

Google will only rank your blog higher *after* you have done enough work, and only *after* Google has given your blog enough time to mature in order to gauge your commitment and trustworthiness.

So, this heading ‘Blog Traffic Is the Killer Or Savior Of Your Blog’ is the truest statement I can impress upon you. Traffic is everything when it comes to a blogger’s sanity.

Let’s put aside vanity, fame or making money from blogging. If your blog has no visitors, who could blame you if your commitment waivers? It’s only natural to look for social reinforcement to gauge how well you’re doing – that would be the number of blog readers.

The reality is that you may not see any social reinforcement in significant numbers for 6 months. Consider that when committing to your timeframe.

Treat Your Blog With Respect

If there’s anything else I can impress upon new bloggers and those who are starting fresh, it’s to treat your blog with respect. Visitors to your website will know instantly how much you care about your own blog by the look and quality of content.

Give your blog enough time to mature. Give your blog enough quality content.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither is blogging success.

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