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What do you really know about how Google search engine ranking works and decides what page is shown higher than another in the results?

Some of you may scream “it’s the PageRank algorithm” or “relevance to my search term”.

The simple truth is that only Google knows, and the reality is far more complex. The two answers above would be correct, but so would 200 other answers.

Matt Cutt’s from Google has said that rankings are determined from over 200 signals that may boost one page over another in the search engine results page (SERP).

While many of us focus on SEO and trying to bring in traffic to our blogs, we tend to forget the “average” people who are searching Google.

What is the behavior of those average people? It is a good question, so take note of the answer.

Danny Richman surveyed 1000 average US citizens about their Google search habits. Here are the results.

google search engine ranking

There’s a few key take-aways from this survey.


"37% of people said that a recognizable brand name was likely to influence which website they clicked on in SERPs."

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"64% of people were unaware that Google search results were personalized and not the same for every user."

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The Influence Of Brand Names In Search Engine Ranking

I discussed the importance of branding in my article Why Good Blog Names Unleash The Power Of Branding.

Not only have Google themselves clearly stated that brand names get a higher ranking, but now surveys are showing that consumers also prefer to click on brand name websites.

This should come as no surprise since a well-known name is generally more trusted than an unknown name.

"Brands are the solution, not the problem… brands are how you sort out the cesspool."Eric Schmidt - Google

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The Influence Of Personalization In Search Engine Ranking

The search engine results pages for any given search terms will not be the same for you than it will be for your neighbor or a stranger half-way around the world.

Search results are tailored to you, taking into account your location, prior search history, websites you’ve visited, articles you’ve shared on Google+, whether you’re searching from a mobile device or sitting at your laptop, plus a whole host of other factors.

In some instances, search results for the same term may change depending on the time of day or if there’s a current news event.

Understanding what your customers or readers are searching for in order to find you depends on how Google personalizes their results.

If you cater to an audience specifically located in Los Angeles, a local resident searching for “car mechanic” will get results for car mechanics in Los Angeles, not Chicago.

A Chicago resident would get different results than a Los Angeles resident. That’s just one example of how location can influence results.

Is Google search engine ranking personalization a bit too creepy ?

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