Are Artificial Indoor Pot Plants Better Than The Real Thing?

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Are Artificial Indoor Pot Plants Better Than The Real Thing?

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Do you have pot plants nestled near the entrance of your home or business? Physical appearances count and indoor plants can have a huge impact. Whenever we walk into an office or place of business, we look around and judge its appearance, even sub-consciously.

The way an office looks impacts on how we feel about working in the same office every day. The same perception applies to clients visiting our office as well.

Office Plants Improve Our Workspace

Potted plants can influence how we are feeling, how hard we work and even improve the air quality within our offices. However, before rushing out and buying a trailer load of new indoor plants, we must choose the most appropriate ones for our workplaces.

Artificial Trees

artificial pot plants Having a bunch of dead pot plants or dusty artificial trees are not attractive features for any office. We need to take into consideration the availability (or lack of) natural light, office size, plant maintenance, type and size of plants and whether you prefer real or fake plants.

If you believe watering and fertilizing and maintenance of pot plants are a major hassle, there are many beautiful artificial trees and fake plants available of varying sizes, color and materials. The odd dusting is all that’s required for these to look in tip top condition and most fake pot plants look so real they even catch out the experts from a distance.

Artificial plants are great if you suffer from plant allergies and still want to be surrounded in nature. Smaller sized fake flowers and fake pot plants fit in the corner of an office desk or shelf and don’t shed leaves or petals – nothing to clean up!

One huge benefit going for fake plants is that they provide vibrant color all year round.

Indoor Plants

Living indoor house plants have a lot going for them. As well as looking great, they can reduce our stress levels as they are calming to look at. Toxins from the furniture, carpet, photocopier and even air freshener are sucked up and removed by real potted plants. It is also amazing the number of us that even talk to our plants! Well, they seem to grow better then, don’t they?

Three common indoor house plants tend to be seen most frequently in our offices. They are:

  • the spider plant,
  • mother in laws tongue,
  • golden pothos.

These indoor plants are popular because they are cheap, look good and are hard to kill.

None of these indoor plants require much watering or fertilizer. A random removal of damaged leaves and a quick dust and they will reward us with something nice to look at and fresher air in our offices.

The Spider Plant

pot plants The spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum) looks good on a raised pedestal or in a handing basket, as its white and green striped leaves tumble downwards from the pot.

Occasionally it will grow little baby copies of itself which also trail down, more often when we provide water once a week and position it where it will get some natural light.

Mother In Laws Tongue

potted plants The mother in laws tongue (Sansevieria trifasciata), also known as a snake plant, gets its name from the long pointy leaves that make up this plant. Apart from that, the leaves have pointy, spikey ends that look like snakes and apparently taste bitter. How many of us have mother in laws that are bitter and have a sharp tongue?

The good news is that this plant only requires a minimal level of maintenance and attention, unlike real mother in laws! So the odd watering will encourage this interesting plant to thrive.

The Golden Pothos

artificial plants The golden pothos (Epipremnum aureum) looks and behaves like ivy. It is also known as devils ivy due to the way it can grow vigorously.

The leaves are large and arrow head shaped, mostly green but with yellow patches here and there. The golden pothos is a great one to add to your list if you’re a death dealer to pot plants as it is happy with only the occasional watering and fertilizer feeding – when we remember to do so!

Pot Plants Improve Feng Shui

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese theology that the positioning of certain objects can improve the positive energy flowing around a space, like our office.

The money tree, officially known as Crassula Ovata or Jade tree, is said to bring its owner wealth, money and prosperity. Be sure to place this plant in the south-east part of your office to improve your chances, according to feng shui principles.

If lucky bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana) is a feature within your office, watch out for office romances!

bamboo pot plant This indoor plant is said to bring health, happiness and love, so having one on your desk just may improve your mood and your relationships. Be sure to count the number of bamboo stalks on your pot plant though, as feng shui says each number is said to provide a different aspect to its owner. However, by just having it in our offices, good luck and positive energy will be ours in abundance.

Lucky bamboo just requires the odd watering, also great for those of us with poor memories.

If we cast a critical eye around our offices, we are all sure to find places where pot plants would be beneficial, be it aesthetically, emotionally or physically. Real or fake, it’s up to you. Both can look just as good as each other, but each provides their own benefits.

Do you have indoor pot plants around your home or office?

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