Technorati Puts A Gun To Bloggers' Heads

Technorati Puts A Gun To Bloggers’ Heads

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Please don’t shoot, sir! My Technorati claim token is 4TDDV774VBU2. Take it! Just don’t hurt me.

Technorati is a search engine for blogs that can become a great source of traffic for blog owners. Technorati measures your reputation and authority, so getting your website listed is very important for any blogger and comes highly recommended.

I’m going through the process of claiming my listing for on Technorati right now and have been stopped dead in my tracks. I’ve gone pale with fright. My hands are up. I’m backed into a corner. I’m confused. I slowly drop to my knees and sheepishly mutter “Do I have to?”

I didn’t plan to write an article about Technorati, but here we are. They made me. No joke.


In order to verify ownership of your blog, Technorati asks you – no, tells you – to publish a blog post with a unique claim token. For a brand new blog, you may think ‘so what?’ and just publish, verify and then delete the post. But it’s a devilishly clever way of Technorati getting more exposure for itself. Your claim token needs to be published publicly and be available in your RSS feed. For any established blog, you’d already have auto-posting new articles to your social media accounts so you’ll want to give your readers an explanation for the post before you get a chance to delete it.

Or – perhaps as Technorati hopes – you make a full post about the purpose of your claim token and just keep it live on your blog forever. Call me Marlin because I’ve taken the bait!

My main gripe is that this verification process has to be so public. For other services in a website owner’s tool chest such as Google and Bing Webmaster Tools, proving ownership of your website requires adding a simple meta tag to your website code or even uploading a file to your hosting server – things that can be done without broadcasting the activity to the world.

But Technorati is different. I admit it’s a deliciously apt way of verifying your blog – a little bit tongue-in-cheek – a little bit sneaky – a little bit ‘What’s that over there?! LOL. Made you look!’ Sure, I could have created a quick post with the claim token, get verified and then delete said post, but hey.

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