8 Reasons Why The Best Small Business Accounting Software Is QuickBooks

8 Reasons Why The Best Small Business Accounting Software Is QuickBooks

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QuickBooks is arguably one of the best small business accounting software available today, used by over 4 million businesses worldwide.

Accounting is a fundamental component of every business, and also one that causes the most angst and confusion.

MYOB once was the market leader in accounting software installed on Windows PCs, but the trend to moving business tools online have sprung up many competitors and also alleviated many of the hardships associated with standalone accounting software.

QuickBooks Online is a reliable, fast and secure accounting software in the cloud that allows businesses to do their accounting from any computer, anywhere in the world.

There is a free trial of QuickBooks Online available here

Here’s how QuickBooks can help your business.

1. Easy to Use Small Business Accounting Software

QuickBooks has been developed for ease-of-use for non-experts. The software offers great flexibility, visually appealing charts and graphs, and saves a LOT of time by automating many of the previously manual tasks like data-entry.

best small business accounting software

2. Tracking Online Transactions

Automating any business process not only saves you a lot of time, in the long run, it will save a lot of money too. Especially if you’ve been paying someone else to handle your books.

QuickBooks solves this by managing all transactions online, with the ability to link bank accounts and credit cards for full system tracking and collation.

You can freely do online banking and QuickBooks will automatically add any transaction to your accounting ledger and keep the books balanced.

You also have the ability to accept credit cards and receive payments online, all tracked and invoiced through the system.

3. Managing Payroll

QuickBooks Online takes on the lofty responsibility of paying your staff and yourself automatically and on schedule.

QuickBooks ensures that your employees will not face any delays in receiving their pay.

4. Tax Accounting

Remember when EOFY was the weirdest acronym you’ve ever heard? The End Of Financial Year is a busy time for tax accounting and can lead to a lot of back and forth with your accountant and cause plenty of headaches.

Because of the fact that QuickBooks Online tracks all your business transactions throughout the year, an enormous burden has been lifted for generating tax forms and submitting returns.

All tax preparations are done quickly, accurately and can be generated easily online.

If you pay sales taxes by the month, the system will show you ‘Sales Tax Payable’, making it easy to see how much amount you will have to pay.

accounting software

5. Access Anywhere Anytime

Fancy balancing your books from the beautiful beaches of Hawaii? The idea might seem like a dream (or a rather boring holiday!), but it’s entirely possible with QuickBooks Online.

Being able to access your accounts from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection makes QuickBooks one of the best small business accounting software packages.

Your data is securely stored in the cloud that is accessible from any computer via Internet. You can also install Apps on your smartphone to access your data and send out invoices.

6. Visually Appealing Reports

QuickBooks generates reports including profit and loss statements, accounts receivable and payable, and overall cash flow statistics and projections.

quickbooks accounting

Charts and graphs make your data easier to read and understand so that you can manage your business from a higher level of attention.

7. Easy Invoicing

Creating new invoices through QuickBooks is fast and simple. Applying payments received to invoices can be done manually or automatically when received via a linked bank account.

Additionally, QuickBooks keeps your customer informed with invoices emailed directly to them instantly. The savings on postage alone is well worth it, not to mention time and printing costs.

8. Pricing The Best Small Business Accounting Software

Before you buy any software that will potentially transform your business, wouldn’t it be nice to try it out first?

QuickBooks Online has a 30 day trial, so you have no risk or obligations to try it out for free.

Beginners can take advantage of paying by the month, or upgrade to discounted yearly rates once you feel comfortable to commit.

Do you agree that QuickBooks is one of the best small business accounting software on the market?image

Rating: 4 Star Rating: Recommended

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