Why Is Running A Small Business Like Spinning Plates

Why Is Running A Small Business Like Spinning Plates

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No small business owner wants customers to perceive them as a circus act (unless that’s your niche) even though you’d be a master at spinning plates.

Unlike the circus trick where, perched atop a long stick, each spinning plate is empty, your plates are full but you’re still frantically running from plate to plate to keep them spinning so that the whole thing doesn’t come crashing down around you.

You’ve always got a lot on your plate and keeping your business running smoothly takes a lot of skill, determination and focus.

I’ve been there – managing 3 small businesses over the past decade and spinning many plates all at the same time. There’s accounting, customer service, sales, marketing, technical maintenance, product development, suppliers, staffing, legalities and the list goes on.

I used to get frustrated when acquaintances would ask what I did for a living and at the time I was working from home. They’d just presume I sat in front of the TV all day watching Oprah. Regardless where your office is located, operating a business is beyond the general understanding of non-entrepreneurs. It’s difficult to grasp every facet of business if you have not experienced it first-hand.

So, when you get a few small business owners in a room together, there is a kinship that goes beyond trying to hock your services. We all understand there are hardships to overcome and there is competition to contend with. There are steep learning curves to conquer and finding the perfect work-life balance is the utmost importance in making yourself happy and keeping the family unit together.

We also understand that while we work hard during the day (and often at night and weekends!) we must also give ourselves a break – even if it’s just for 10 minutes after finishing off that task.

Inscribd Is Your Excuse To Take A Break

This website, inscribd.com, is slated to be that destination for your 10 minute break offering interesting and entertaining business-related articles to read. You won’t feel like you’re wasting your time on our website, in fact, you can feel comfortable knowing you’re still working because our articles are informative and educational for your working life, while being fun and light-hearted.

Inscribd.com operates just like any other business. That means there is a flow of money in and out. We hire writers and content developers. We pay suppliers for web hosting and other technical services. You’ll notice advertising and affiliate links throughout the site that enables us to provide free content for our readers.

This is the website that I want to read as a small business operator and I hope you will join me, support my new venture, subscribe to our mailing list and get notified when new articles appear.

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